New video march 10 2021


Dirty Cheetah is extremely excited to announce the release of the new Music Video for the single ROBOT on DECMBER 16th. Produced with the D.I.Y. spirit, the video is an uproarious tribute to John Carpenter's cult Sci-Fi / Horror classic "They Live" (1988)

NEW ALBUM “never too late” OUT ON APRIL 22

Dirty Cheetah launches their first album « Never Too Late » in these difficult times, precisely because they believe that art, music and creativity are some of the best ways to reach out and alleviate the sweltering anxiety we all feel during this global crisis.

Following the punk rock tradition, Dirty Cheetah expresses simple gutsy feelings through their abrasive lyrics and their raw melodies. The name of the band itself conveys an unapologetic and « dirty » sense of humor. Like a musical predator, Dirty Cheetah hunts your mind and devours your soul with their fierce energy and crazy lyrics. At the table where Dream Pop, Shoe Gaze and Bedroom Pop, rules the game, the band cheats its way in.

Get ready for songs about crazy murderers compared to compulsive masturbators, petty criminals, invisible powers at stakes, mind confusion and corrupted leaders.

Simple, raw and straight to the point, « Never Too Late » combines a political edge, a nihilistic vibe and a pinch of pop that will most certainly cheer up and satisfy every punk rock fan who is awaiting a part Ramones-Core part Action-Punk Rock wild fire !!

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